Overheard in the tub

Ellie has been a total fussbudget the past few days. The running joke is that she's teething (at 7 weeks).

Anyway, Char was in the tub today, and I was in the living room folding laundry when I hear her talking in a fake voice (apparently the voice of the rubber duck) saying, "I think you are really cool, Charlotte Tibbs. You are pretty fantastic." and then another voice (penguin) saying, "I think so too!"

I went in to try to get some video footage, and she gave it up on me. I need to set up some hidden cameras around the house.

We finally put up shelves in the front room (aka the "game room") and put up the pictures of our parents, grandparents, etc. that we had on display at our wedding reception (Which was 3 years ago today - hurrah!). We can't find one set of pictures, so the search will recommence tomorrow. We also found a rolltop desk on Craigslist for next to nothing that we put on the wall by the front door. We needed something along that wall, but with the tight space in there, it had to be just the right size. Success! Perhaps I'll get some pictures up. It's nice to have the house leaving "frat house" phase