Took the minivan to soccer today...

So Charlotte started soccer today!! Very very exciting, though there were just 2 kids there. Coach Diane ROCKED and had a lot of fun with the kids, running around like maniacs, kicking the ball into the divider wall to "wake up Fred" the imaginary guy who lives in the hanging wall. Hilarious, in a way, but at the same time, just another creepy imaginary entity for her to obsess over, which Coach Diane giggled about as we left and she could hear Charlotte asking "why did we have to wake Fred up, Mommy? Why does he live in the wall? Why is he so little? Why can't I see him? Why is his mommy so little?" and so on and so forth.

She's all about her uniform - kept it on (over her regular clothes) to go to Target, wanted to wear it to bed tonight, wants to wear it to school to show the kids.

It was pretty frightening - took the minivan. To soccer practice. Sigh. We knew it was coming. Char was also enamored with (is it enamored with or enamored of?) Trevor, the baseball coach who helped us sign up for soccer. He walked by and remembered her and chatted with her and she was just over the moon.

Today's also Grampa's birthday - Happy birthday Grampa!!!! He and Gramma moved to their temporary digs today, and we can't wait to see it. Though we could think of more fun ways to spend a birthday.

Eleanor's Christening

Well, it's official...effective Sunday afternoon, Ellie is a child of God. You know we are not great about going to church every week, and we recently changed parishes, so we weren't really sure how we'd like the priest and ceremony. We were so lucky at St. Francis to have Father Bill for Charlotte's christening and our wedding -just an amazing priest who made you feel really great to be a Catholic and take comfort in the church. So off we went to St. Cletus and guess what? Another fabulous priest! Father Clark was very kind, funny, and welcoming, and I felt really good about our parish change, and I think we have a renewed conviction to go back to church regularly. Anyway, I didn't take many pictures, but Kelly and Rachel sure did! Will link to their pics as soon as possible. Godmother Jill Godmother Kelly The grams When we were at the party at the Park District, Charlotte and Mack had a field day pushing Gramma Rosie around (and into walls) in her wheelchair. You know, sometimes you feel like you should stop them, but my gram honestly looked like she was having fun, so we went with it. Hilarious!!