Follow ups

I just realized I never posted pictures of the completed kitchen countertop/backsplash. Mike and Joey O got crafty and cut out a new countertop, and I did the tiling, and the backsplash was an adventure since, of course, the wall was not even so it looks...uneven in places (God bless plaster). But overall we're pleased. Next step is painting the walls in the kitchen and painting the back and basement stairways.
I'll try to get pictures up soon

Hack hack...

We aren't chopping down trees, the hack is just a coughing sound. Char's got an ugly cough that's been brewing all weekend, and I think the crazy weather changes have not helped matters. We're doing a "field trip" to Walgreens later to try out those Triaminic dissolving strips for coughs. Since I do not enjoy the idea of grape Dimetapp being spit all over me.
In the meantime, she's hanging out on the floor, watching Matilda (for the 1,000th time in a week) and painting (aka making a huge wet mess all over the place) and having some fun, in general.
I'm gearing up to finish the backsplash in the kitchen, which is, of course!, proving tricky as the wall by the windows is not the straightest, most even surface I've come across. In fact, it is pretty bad. Sigh. Wish me luck on that.
Michael shored up the shelf in the basement cabinets for me, so I no longer have ANY excuse for not bringing stuff down there - serving platters, some barware, paper towels, TP, etc. I'm going to slap a coat of paint on that today, hopefully, and get stuff moved into it tomorrow.
I feel like after living here 5.5 years, we're finally really settling in and starting to get things done to make this "our" home. So far so good, it's just one of those things where you get excited and think of 100 things you want to get done and then the motivation seeps away. Here's hoping we keep it up!