Oh yeah, those kids?

I realize I've been bleak and all emo and creepy and stuff lately, and random and stream-of-conscious and just dumping out random thoughts here...

I've been having issues with pictures lately (ahem. i took NO pictures during the holidays. Yikes!), but have taken a few (low quality, with my cell phone) so without further adieu, here's some recent(ish) stuff...

Char: Mom, ellie wants to watch me play DS, can she sleep in my bed?
Me: Ummm...you know she kicks and moves around, right?
Char: That's okay!
Me: If you're cool with it, that's fine, but I don't know that that IS actually exciting for her, so...she may bug you...
Char: That's okay!
Me: Um, okay, go for it, she has to sleep against the wall.
Char and El: THANKS MOMMY! YAY!!!
(Five minutes later)
Char: MOOOOMMMM, she won't leave me be!
Me: Too bad, you made your choice, go to sleep!
(half hour later)
Ellie, running into the living room, totally frantic: MOM! ITSBROKENITSBROKENITSBROKENITSBROKEN I BROKE IT!!! (clutching Char's DS)
Me: (SHIT)

In fact, it had just gone on power save, so definitely not broken, but what befuddled me is that Ellie got the DS from Char's sleeping hands, managed to crawl over Char, get to the slide of the bed (lofted bed), maneuver around the pillow I put at the top of the slide to keep her from coming out of the bed, and get the bedroom door open, ALL without waking Char. She's like a ninja.

So, last week, my sister and I took the kids to the zoo and in The Swamp, Ellie looks in this snake habitat and says "ooh, mousie sleeping! shh" and my stomach sinks because I know what that means (dinner) and  don't want to see it, and debated, briefly, telling the other kids about it because EWWW I'm skeeved out right now thinking about it.

I ended up calling the kids over and we all stared in awe as the snake took down the poor little mousie. And I think that takes care of my nature for the year.

And then there's Mil. Even though she is a pain in the ass most of the time, come on, she curls up like a little donut! This is how she lays (lies?) (no, lays..right?) This is her position when she does the Three Stooges "woop woop woop" noise in her sleep. Love this dog.