Happy Presidents Day!

Ahh, the last day of Charlotte's FIVE DAY weekend. Why the face does she have a 5 day weekend?

Here's stuff on my mind today:

1) What am I going to do with the kids? Debated one of those paint-a-pot places...still a possibility. Char wants to see Tooth Fairy (Gag) but I know El won't sit through it, so she and I will likely go next weekend when El is in Michigan with Michael. Hate bundling up so much to run from building to building at the zoo. We were at the mall yesterday. Shedd is free today, but...all kids are off, and I hate crowds, especially crowds of children. Waah.

2) One of the decorating blogs I get on my reader had a cute idea for fake crown molding - a thin strip a few inches down from the ceiling and then just painting over the wall in the same color you paint the strip of molding. I am thinking about painting the front room a different, brighter/lighter color, and have been debating if I'd want to paint the wood trim. BUT it is the original wood trim from the 1930s, and is in good shape, and quite nice, and every apartment I've lived in had painted over trim/baseboards and it pissed me off every time. But a bright light room? With white trim? Is that something I'd regret? Once again, paralyzed with indecision.

3) The dog's spring shedding has started (perhaps more reliable forecaster of spring than the groundhog?) and thus has commenced my annual "I hate Millie" campaign. However, I have been brushing her and am disgustingly saved the hair (a Target bag full, so far). Not sure if Kelly will get a card with it pasted on there in a landscape, or if I will make pillows with the kids in another month or two. We've been discussing it for at least a year.

4) Ellie's been wearing braids in her hair, and though I didn't think it was possible, she's even cuter.

5) Char lost her DS charger cord, and it is killing me because it is totally dead and I really do like playing Mario 64 on her DS. I've instead been playing Mario Advance (aka Super Mario Bros. 2) on Ellie's GBA. Sad.

6) Can you believe Southwest booted Kevin Smith? The one airline I've had no beef with and have always praised? Daaaang.

7) I hate the WonderPets. I am trying to move Ellie into more Backyardigans, less WonderPets. Both have been digging Frances lately, which is like a wildlife Caillou with her entitled whining sometimes, but I take absurd pleasure in Ellie singing the theme song with the following lyrics (learned from Charlotte, and they occasionally vary) "I am Frances. I am whiney." and then something about wearing a  diaper, not being able to hula hoop, not able to count to100 or count by 2s (at least that turtle kid can count to two and tie his shoes, as they remind us EVERY episode.  Franklin! that's his name).

Have a happy Monday, gang! I have some funny Char stuff I'll be posting this week, but haven't had the time/energy to scan in the pics Char drew so...yeah.

Oh and 8) Char turns 6 in less than a month! I can't have a 6 year old! That's messed up!