Would you believe...?

Would you believe...
 - That I am such a massive slacker about blogging?
 - That I continue to blame Facebook for that?
 - That my Kelly had her beautiful baby girl, Emma Hope, 10 days ago and I have only seen her once, at the hospital? I need to get over there...
 - That she is the cutest little creature and I want to eat her face? And that I use that phrase too much, considering Ellie saw her pictures and said "OHMYGOD I WANT TO EAT HER FOR DINNER!"
 - That my girlfriend Staci had her little guy Dominic the morning after Kelly had Emma? We've known Stac since high school (Kel and I started hanging in grammar school). 20 years in! BABIES! EVERYWHERE
 - That I can't have 2 friends having babies at the same time? Amy + many babies in nearby hospitals = weepy n creepy.
 - That I went to breakfast on Sunday with some of my old work chums and it really, really, really made me miss working at Aon. Not the work, but for sure the people.
 - That I am watching Watch What Happens Live from RHONJ 2nd reunion show, and I love Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Mix them up with Andy Cohen and you have the happiest Amy ever. Literally LOL.
 - That Papa John's comes up on my Facebook page as "People you may know"?
 - That not only do I have random clothing from high school readily available, but that I have a cute little college friend who will take it off my hands?
 - That we are going to take a little family road trip soon, and it is the FIRST TIME our little family of 4 will be taking a trip.vacation together? (not counting trips to my in-laws, 2 hours away)
 - That the Tibbs Family Fun Time Band is in the works? Michael bought me a mandolin for our anniversary, and I'm fumbling through "The Cat Came Back" on it - I learned it on the prim and once we have the washboard and jug for the girls, we'll be READY!
 - That I love Walking Dead? Like a lot? The books and the show. I actually called in to The Walking Dead 'Cast and used the completely obnoxious "Who you? RICK GRIMES!" line that Darryl uses in S1E2. But then I didn't leave my name. So my fame and fortune is still just a pipe dream.
 - That I think you should all be listening to podcasts? I am so all over them, and realize I'm late to the party, but they really make the workday fly by when I can listen to them. Or yardwork, or cleaning, or whatever. Here's some of my current faves: Nerdist with Chris Hardwick, Freakonomics, WNYC Radiolab, any of the How Stuff Works (Well, really Stuff You Should Know, Stuff Mom Never Told You, and Stuff You Missed in History Class). Get on it, folks!

Well, delightful catching up (ish). I would promise that I'll be more diligent on posting, but let's face it, that would be a worthless empty promise, wouldn't it now?

Four months - Sorry!

I have no idea if I haven't had much to say... or there's been nothing going on... or I'm just lazy.
Probably just lazy.

Anyway, all is well over here. Let me share with you how fricking hilarious my kids are, and the fact that I am basically George Bluth, creating a video empire of my kids fighting, a la his  "Brother Fights" videos of Gob, Michael, and Buster fighting.

Ellie is brutal. Char usually rolls with it (which, frankly, she should, as she often instigates the kid). Sadly, this is a pretty typical outing for us.

So that's been going on. And we just had our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday! Which is pretty great, y'know?

Anyway, hoping to be more diligent about posting. I continue to blame Facebook for my lack of blogging. It's true, right? Right???