What're you watching?

Normally I love winter - I love hunkering down in the winter, watching movies and picking up new tv shows, reading book after book, starting crocheting/sewing projects I will never complete. The Chicago winter with brutal cold and heavy snow lends itself very well to these activities.

However...When it is mid January and 52 degrees out, and now in late January we've got a thunderstorm with pouring rain coming down on the 5 inches of snow from 2 days ago...well, it's a little weird.

But I perservere. And thus have been watching shows, reading books, and so on and so forth.

I joked on Twitter earlier this month that Netflix needs to have a category of "Shows You Are Supposed to Watch Because Everyone Has Watched Them and Loved Them and You Already Feel Like a Loser for Not Having Seen Them and Will Feel Even Worse if You Don't Like Them When You Watch Them." Y'know the ones. The ones everyone goes on and on about. That people are hooked on. That it is impossible to believe you didn't see them.

I've tried... There've been an awful lot of shows that I should, by every stretch of the imagination, love. And I've tried to get into them, but they haven't clicked, y'know? Examples (I suspect I may lose friends for these admissions): Mad Men. Breaking Bad. Flight of the Conchordes. Boardwalk Empire. Todd Margaret. Things that in theory? I think I will totally love. TOTALLY love. Right up my alley. And then I put them on and...zzzz. Nope. I completely think that it is like when you get a book and are way excited about it, but doze off before you hit the second chapter, and do that again and again 90 times until BOOM it clicks and you devour the book and love it. I think I just need to keep trying on them.

Mind you - I still have tons of shows to keep me busy. Usual rotation of network fare (Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Big Bang Theory, Up All Night, Parenthood) with a sprinkling of total trash (Teen Mom 2, Real Housewives of New Jersey)