Totally normal morning...

"Where's my skirt?," says the elder, though she was the last to touch it. "I can't find my shoes, and these new ones don't feel right!," says the younger, though no one has touched her shoes since 5pm yesterday when she took them off. I felt pretty slick that we had a backup pair at the ready.
"There are no pants/shirts/sweatshirts!!," they harmonize despite the fact that they put away two baskets of laundry over the weekend, chock-full of uniform clothes that they couldn't have used up in the ONE day of school they've had this week.
"She punched me!" "She shoved me!" "Where are the waffles? They aren't in the freezer!"""I'm not dressed because I was playing with Gilbert... Because the great laundry crisis... Because it's HER fault!!"
"Can you be sure to pick me up earlier than yesterday so I can get to riding earlier?" (Sure, since you've both done so much to help me get to work on time this morning!) "Can we go to a movie tonight while Char is at riding?" "Can we just have pizza tonight?"
"I can't wait for recess today, we'll be outside!" "I wonder if I'll ride Apollo tonight?" "Thanks for putting my lunch in my backpack mom." "Love you mom! I hope you aren't late for work."
This is the crucible of crazy every morning. And it all resolves itself by the end, somehow. Which I need to remember before I yell and flip out.